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Wind Farmers

This was taken just after we crossed the border into Nova Scotia from New Brunswick Canada. I don’t know about you but it looks like the future to me 🙂


Best ways to end a work day

I have always wanted to get into Kayaking and I am starting on that path this summer. I have always done it off and on and always always loved it! To riding the waves or following the birds I just always have had that thirst to Go! That has always been my problem with the other Kayaking outfits around here I would need certification to rent a kayak on my own (which I am planning on getting) or I need to go on a tour. I get frustrated with kayak tours, it seems to me everyone else just goes so slow, when I just want to go and explore as hard as I can! What also annoys me is how the people at the outfits assume that I want to take it easy! I remember once where I was told that in order to get out to this certain island would take me an hour of serious paddling each way and that it was getting rather windy so it might take longer.. I made it to the island in about 35 minutes of my normal paddling and I was laughing all the way playing on the waves.. So now I am intend to bring it into my weekly exercise routine, there is a paddle club at Kayaking outfit on St Margaret’s Bay and I have gone twice so far. Both times have been pretty damn awesome. Partly because I love to go fast and hard, for me if my arms aren’t tired when I come in from a paddle it just doesn’t feel right. This paddle club usually has more experienced paddlers so I can just let loose! When I came in, my arms tired and this scene to greet you. There isn’t any better way to end a work day 🙂