Archive | August 2012

Flies in Evening

Sometimes you get lucky when your walking around with a Camera. You happen to walk by an opening in the trees withe sun going down and there all of a sudden springs up a swarm of flies dancing in the sunlight. A few quick shots of the camera is the amount of time it takes for them to dissipate, fleetingly beautiful is what I call them..


Nashville Warblers looking to Nest

I haven’t had much success finding birds this last little while. Odd how being restlessness about work and a desire to go out and explore more places can keep a person from exploring more places..It’s ridiculous really. Which is why I was very happy that I came across these two little Nashville Warblers looking for nesting material. Made my day

Delightfully unexpected Rain

I started this hike at Taylor’s head provincial park looking for birds and perhaps fortunately I was not very successful. As I would not have made it back to the beach in time for this very random rain shower. Didn’t last long but it was worth getting a little wet.