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On a Nighttime Drive

Details-20 Details-21 Details-22 Details-24

These happened on the same night as the pole in the Dark, again too good for me not to post.


Jan 30 2013 Oldest Friend


It rained a lot today, it rained and was very windy. I did not know what I would take pictures of today until I got home and saw this little guy. He is as old as I am, for the longest time he wore a t-shirt from the hospital I was born in. So I thought it about time I take good portraits of him.

Jan 29 2013 Pole in the Dark


Tonight I decided to take a drive along the Peggy’s Cove road, and wow is it a winding one to drive down in the dark. I saw a crazy moonrise over the sea but could not stop the car soon enough to get a good picture (got lost in the clouds too quickly) and got some pretty decent shots of the ocean. Odd then that my favorite picture should be this one, of a telephone pole along the road.

Jan 28 2013 Mmmm Candy


Not gonna lie, my plans for tonight’s photograph was vastly different than what happened. It was a clear and calm night and I thought it a good night to drive to the shoreline and try some night pictures of the ocean and the stars.. But I ended up falling asleep for 3 hours so that plan went out the window for now anyway. When I woke up I thought, can’t go wrong with candy.

Jan 27 2013 Heights


I was at work for most of the day today. Yes on a Sunday unfortunately, but what the school did have was lots of high buildings. I thought I would see if I could get some cool perspective shots!

Jan 26 2013 Forever Moving

Forever Forever-4 Forever-5

So I heard about this random house hanging out on the street from my friend Olivia. It seemed like a pretty damn cool thing to take a picture of and so on my way to work I stopped by. Turns out it is one of the oldest houses in Halifax, built in 1764 and it being moved for a third time. Also I could not decide on which one of these three pictures to post, so I decided to post all three, just because.

Jan 26 2013 Doorway of Light


I will say I was not in the mood to post a picture today, I have been sick all day on a continuous up and down roller coaster. I did not want to do anything but sleep, so I had my friend Lisa suggest something that should be incorporated into my picture. She suggested “square” and this is what I came up with after a lot of thinking and some playing in the dark.