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March 30 2013 Prepare the Death Ray! Errr.. Or whatever that is!


Skiing is Awesome, I managed to get one last day in at Wentworth a few days before the season is supposed to end. It was a close thing too because one of my goals for this year was to go skiing at least 5 times this winter as I haven’t had much opportunity to ski these past few years. Today was my 5th time and so I am happy. In case you are actually wondering what this is, it is an attachment for the groomers that allows them to make  the half pipe. It is appropriately called a pipe cutter, and I have always thought looks rather intimidating, more like some torture implement created by a Bond villain.


March 29 2013 The Twisted Fence


It was a beautiful day, though one where I did not do very much. I did go out for dinner and brought my camera with me. A few weeks ago this fence was apparently ripped apart but I always thought it looked pretty cool.

March 28 2013 The Airport Gateway


I spent a lot of time at the airport today, dropped off some equipment to go onto a flight to sable island and then picked up some colleagues coming back from setting up our equipment out there.  I also met some friends who just returned from Cuba.  I love airports, I know sometimes they can be annoying and stressful places but they are also gateways to the rest of the world. You can walk into one and then a few hours later walk out of another half a world away. They always remind me in some ways how small our world has become.. at least until you look out the window.


March 27 2013 Food of the Dark


I have always loved Mushroom though I am not really sure why. For me taste seems to play a lesser role than texture for determining whether I enjoy something. For example I don’t eat tomato’s not because they taste bad but for some reason the texture just puts me off. Mushrooms seem like they should do the same but they do not and I am glad of this.

March 26 2013 Power Bulbs


I started this evening with trying to do something which strictly speaking is a bad idea. I wanted to see if I could catch a picture of a spark when you connect the two connection points with a twist tie on a 9V battery (Very carefully without actually holding the twist tie in my hands). I was actually partly successful, but the pictures didn’t turn out so well so I took a picture of the lamp that was illuminating the scene instead.

March 25 2013 Cool Condensation


A stir fry is always a good staple dish for me because it is easy and I think somewhat healthy for me. I was making one today and just thought the condensation that formed on the underside of the lid was pretty damn cool. 🙂

March 24 2013 Old Noise


Something odd happened in the summer that I never expected. My parents on a drive out to Halifax dropped off my old trumpet. I used to play it in grade 9 music before the program was cancelled. It was apparently sold to some of my Dad’s friends not long after I stopped playing but then just last year he bought it back. It is somewhat of an old and scratched instrument but I think it has character and perhaps one day I will learn to play it once again. Right now though I need to focus on the Violin!