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April 29 2013 Council of Flame


I can’t really say why I like this picture I just do. They look like a bunch of spectators looking over a railing at who knows what kind of sporting event. In that case it would be bad if a fight broke out and they were to strike one another….


The Insects are Emerging!

Blur-20 Blur-22 Blur-23 Blur-26 Blur-30 Blur-31 Blur-33

I was so very excited last week when I found this tree, just starting to bloom and a seemingly endless supply of insects trying to take advantage of it. I love insects, I think most people would prefer it if the warm weather could arriveĀ  without the insect swarms but I would not . They are beautiful creatures even the supposedly “mundate” ones, and I would ask you to look past the ones that bite and sting and just take a close look at the next insect you see. It may surprise you.

April 28 2013 Spring

Day-2 Day-8 Day-9 Day-6

Today was too nice a day to stay inside. I was going to spend the day running errands but that went out the window pretty quick when I set foot outside. Here are a few things I found on my walk.

April 27 2013 Flame Kiss


I will admit I cheated a little with this picture. I spent the day Kayaking and when I got home I meant to take a little nap, I ended up passing out into the late evening. When I woke up I was groggy and did not think about my picture and went to bed not long after. So this picture was actually taken on the 28th. As punishment for this oversight I am posting a bunch of bug pictures I meant to post last week. See them in the post titled “The Insects are Emerging!”

April 26 2013 The Blown Down Light


The wind in Halifax can be rather vicious at times. Nova Scotia in general is a very unstable area as far as weather is concerned, you have the arctic air constantly vying with the continental/ocean air from the south. So it is never a big surprise when you see things randomly blown over in Halifax, like this little novelty lighthouse.

April 25 2013 Sprinting to the Sky


A Jewel in the heart of Halifax I have to say is the Public Gardens. I am fortunate that my walk to work often takes me through the gardens and I love just wandering around. I remember a visitor to Halifax once saying to meĀ  “then there was this f$%#off beautiful place right in the center of Halifax, I hung out there for hours”. I find it quite interesting right now because they always try to keep at least something in bloom while the gardens are open but that is not possible right now. Now there appears to be nothing, things appear desolate but the race is on for those early bloomers sprinting for the sky.

April 24 2013 Square Whirlwind


I had trouble thinking of what to take a picture of tonight, I took a few outside but I did not like them. Then I laid eyes on the blender… not sure I really need to say anymore. Though I have to say I was pretty surprised to find this square shape to the vortex, it did not appear in any of the other pictures. Seems hit a lucky moment during the oscillation of the blades.