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Jun 29 2013 Soul of the Sea

Soul-12 Soul-13 Soul-14

I can’t say I did too much today but near the end of the day I needed to get out of my apartment so I took a quick trip to Crystal Crescent Beach. A great beach to go to because it is not too far away, and almost even better on a day like today because not too many people would think to go there.¬† The sea was tumultuous, the wind howled and the rain fell but it was awesome. There is nothing quite so humbling as just sitting out and watching the waves crash and feeling the wind push at you. There is no other word for it than just awesome. I know these three pictures are similar but they all show a slightly different part of a wave and I just thought they were too cool not to share.


June 28 2013 Tamarak on a Rainy Day


Rainy days can be just as if not more beautiful than a sunny day, that is one lesson I have learned over and over in my explorations. Most people hide from the rain but in this day and age when getting dry is not really an issue for most of us, why can’t those rainy days also be awesome days!

June 27 2013 Mix of all

Nature-6 Nature-2Nature-3

Today was not the most serene day at work so I took a drive out to the long lake to take a walk and clear my head. As you can see I couldn’t decide on which picture to choose, I don’t know why but I just liked all of these. I loved the reflection of the bottle in the water, I liked how the rock seemed so alone¬† and well I just think the ant looks cool, you can even make out the individual parts of his compound eye! So I chose all three!

June 26 2013 Rolls of Rope!


After all the traveling of today I was totally beat, but I still had a lot of my kayaking gear out so it could dry. I was looking through it all to see if I could find any photographic opportunities and found this, it is part of my tow rope that I will sometimes be using to tow people when I am a guide. It is all rolled up but all ready for use! I can’t wait to start guiding!

June 25 2013 Brilliant Colours up High and down Low


I took another trip around New Brunswick today it was one of the only times were we finished our work in the daylight. So I went to take a walk around after ended up running up a hill to try to capture a good shot of the sky around me before the sun went down. Best decision ever because in the end it allowed me to capture both of these shots. I could not decide between the two so here they both are.

June 24 2013 Holey Ground


Yup those are a lot holes.. Looks cool though doesn’t it?

June 23 2013 Island Lakes


It is sad that I was not able to take too many pictures this day, but as one of the other guys on the trip said, when you are kayaking, you generally have your hands full. I still managed to get this one of a little lake on an offshore island. Still a beautiful scene I think.