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August 28 2013 Under the Hood


I sometimes wish I did not have a car for a wide variety of reasons. Though I can’t deny that it gives me a lot of freedom, and in some ways keeps me sane.  I can’t stand to spend too long in the city or I get antsy, I need the natural spaces like some kind of drug addict. I never feel like I am far enough away from civilization until I can’t hear engine sounds anymore, which in itself is rather ironic and annoying.


August 27 2013 To the Top


I took a diversion on my way home today to walk by the citadel and it is quite a beautiful place to hang out on a sunny day. You see people with their dogs there playing around, or just relaxing on the side of the hill. Today I saw this guy whoever he is just pounding up and down the hill. I thought that looked pretty cool and realized that I need to get back to the gym.

August 26 2013 Raise A Toast


I finally got my old university Diploma in the mail not too long ago. I had a job interview this morning and I needed to have it but getting it brought back all kinds of memories. It is hard to believe that it has been so long since I graduated. Doesn’t seem like that long ago.. in any case this picture is a bit of an tribute to those years 🙂

August 25 2013 Screwdriver


This was the day I returned home from the Fundy Circuit. I was kinda broken I have to admit, I got some blisters on my Heels, which were none too pleasant by the third day. At times it felt like someone was stabbing me in the heel with a screwdriver, but you know what it was so very worth it 🙂 It only serves to give me confidence for the next back country hike I do, though I have learned it is not a good idea to try out new boots on such a trip…

August 24 2013 Swimming Pool

Tracy Lake-8

The last day on the Fundy Circuit, we got a bit of a late start as it was a rather cold morning and neither me nor Chantal were too inclined to get out of our tents. However, later in the day at one of the more challenging river crossings there was this awesome pool. It was an awesome place to relax, have lunch and go for a swim. Though I have to admit I psyched myself out as far as swimming was concerned, it took a long time for me to actually jump in and swim but holy hell was it ever refreshing.

August 23 2013 Looking out onto Tracy Lake

Marvin Lake-3

My friend Chantal looking out onto Tracy lake after our second day of hiking the Fundy Circuit. This was a much prettier campsite and just to watch the sun come down over the water was awesome. We also also had a bunch of frogs to keep us entertained through the evening, they were in fact quite the characters.

August 22 2013 Along the Coast and up and up to the Lake


Today was the day I started on the Fundy Circuit. I went out with my old Bishop’s friend Chantal and we started on the coast trails and went all the way up the Mavin Lake trail to our first campsite on Chambers lake. I didn’t much like the Marvin Lake trail. The Coastal trail was great but the second half on our way inland was just silly because it was mainly a road. At first was a really annoying road because it was just uphill and then it felt like we were walking on a very narrow and slightly oppressive golf course. Basically it was just a mowed ATV trail the rest of the way. Though I will admit despite the fact that we had hoped to be able to swim at this lake when we got there (It was very shallow and swampy), it was still a very pretty place.