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October 31 2013 Halloween Surprises

Halloween-4 Halloween-7


I have to say I do enjoy Halloween, I can’t say I really take part in it anymore but I am an interested observer to what is going on around me. I liked very much how the ghost on the front deck of this house struck me.. the shapes on the wood behind it were just as interesting as the ghost itself! However, I was in for another surprise though, it being Halloween I decided to take a walk through a graveyard on my way home and found this little guy foraging among the gravestones.. He is a male black-throated blue warbler and something I never expected to see around so late in the year seeing as how I am near the northernmost point of their summer range. Anyway he is a beautiful little guy and I just could not resist posting him too!


October 30 2013 Roofs are Awesome

Dunn Dunn-13 Dunn-4



In my time working at Dalhousie I have spent a great deal of time on a lot of roof tops. I think that is one of the greatest points I enjoy about my job, I get to see the city from a not so common vantage point.  Here I even rescued a Blow fly from the certain death it would have experienced from being exposed during the winter, I included it because it will probably be the last insect picture for a long time. Just for the purposes of education this fly is male because you can see that the the two half’s of his eyes are nearly touching, if they were farther apart it would be a female. This is a general rule for the most common of flies but it is certainly not an iron fast rule to all the 300,000 fly species that have been described.. One thing I have learned about science and especially biology is that there are always exceptions to every rule.

October 29 2013 Car Park


I am enjoying taking these black and white pictures in the lead up to Halloween. Taking this picture made me wonder how much land we cover in parking lots or car parks.. we are pretty bad for it here in North America.

October 28 2013 Stumbling In


Here you see the scene sitting at the bottom of the stairs into my apartment.. The reason it is there is a rather long and complicated one involving a considerable water leak in my car.. However, when I walk in I think of the Great Big Sea song “stumbling in” because one day I expect to go head first into the stacked winter tires that sit there.. Still it is a song that makes me smile 🙂

October 27 2013 Bed of Leaves


I was taking quite a few shots of the leaves tonight but I liked this one.. I like the little bits of green sticking up from the ground.. like the leaves are burying the summer but it still lives below.. just waiting for the turning of the year to come back.. Sigh, I am going to miss the insects…

October 26 2013 Neighborhood Oddness


There is some construction going on down the street, they were digging up the street and for some reason this appeared.. I really have no idea where this came from.. presumably it is a kind of adjustable floor that maybe should hold something up? Not sure at all I just thought it looked rather strange.

October 25 2013 Deep Dark Hole




I took a short walk around my neighborhood after work just because. It was lovely evening and with the sun starting to set earlier I think I need to spend as much time as I can in the light. As I was walking around I found this tree with a rather ominous looking hole in it and thought it looked pretty cool. It also felt like something could jump out of it at any time…