October 23 2013 Old Technology


When you really think about it the advancement of science in the past 20 years has been mind boggling. Today we see smartphones as humdrum and everyday things  that we don’t really notice anymore. Then in the fog of technology you find something buried deep in an old storage room.. Turns out to be a piece of technology from the 70’s and I know we may be able to carry out it’s function much quicker and more efficiently, but l could not help but admire how simple and elegantly designed it was. In case you are wondering this is part of an old occupational health and safety monitoring device, now we have digital machines that can monitor several pollutants at once and record that data. Whereas this was just a hand pump with a selection of glass tubes with specialized chemicals in them that when broken and when a certain amount of air is pumped through react with the chemicals you are looking for. Still a pretty damn cool piece of technology.


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I am just a guy who loves to explore the natural world. I love to hike and to take pictures of anything I find along the way from the smallest insect to the wide panorama of the sea. I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario but I like to travel everywhere I can. Here shall be a place for some of the things I find.

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