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November 26 2013 Candy Guilt


I love clementine season, though I always forget it is coming. I suppose it is one of the awesome things about the coming of winter, as I seem to be able to eat them like candy.  I try not to keep candy in the apartment because if I have it, I will eat all of it.. I do the same with clementines though with the added benefit that I don’t feel bad about eating a ton of them all in one go. I don’t have the candied guilt if you will.


November 25 2013 Conduits


I know I have taken a few pictures similar to this but I still find the various patterns of piping around buildings interesting. In this case the rest of the roof and the room are a rather dull shade of beige or concrete but the blue piping always stood out immensely. I wanted to amplify the effect here.

November 24 2013 Old Bridges


One of the things I had hoped to do this past Summer was go Tidal Bore Rafting. I did not get a chance to go unfortunately but today I went to go and see the tidal bore go by on Shubenacedie River with my friend Jamie. Unfortunately we just barely missed the bore, but regardless it was still a beautiful place to see. There was a great observation deck that was built on the remains of an old train bridge which offered some pretty interesting pictures in itself as you can see here.

November 23 2013 Fire Down the Line


Fire is always an interesting thing to take pictures of, I know I have a few pictures of candles and things but today I was bored and wanted a challenge. I wanted to see if I could get a picture of the motion of the fire slowly burning down the line of the match. The biggest challenge of this was simply me being able to hold the match steady. I did manage it but it just didn’t look as good as this one.

November 22 2013 Mask the Light


Many years ago way back in University I bought some paintball gear from my friend Byron. I haven’t played paintball in a very long time but I still had it in a box in the back of my closet. Today I was cleaning up a bit and found it. So I started playing with it, I enjoyed seeing it on my lamp as that meant it’s eyes were glowing. Other than it looks very strange there is no other reason for this picture 🙂

November 21 2013 That Tinny Feeling


I remember when I first moved into this apartment, the drawers were too small for any utensil tray that I could find. It really annoyed me to have root around in a pile of cutlery but then I remembered about a bamboo tray at one store that was rather big. I remember standing there looking at it wondering if I could saw it to the the size I needed. A salesperson came over and asked me if I needed help and I absent mindedly told her about my plan to saw the bamboo tray to fit. It amused me somewhat because she was taken aback by that thought and exclaimed “Oh no, you can’t do that!”. I think I looked at her rather strangely and said “Umm, Why can’t I?” which seemed to baffle her more. It was an interesting exchange and in the end I did saw it to size and it worked exceedingly well.

November 20 2013 New Horizon


Today was another tough one and I really wanted to take a different picture.. I always like a really good picture of books but I wondered if I could get a good picture of just one. I tried blowing a fan on it to see what the motion of the pages looked like but it just did not compare to the simplicity of this still picture.