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December 29 2013 Red Leaves


I have always loved Bromeliads as a group of plants. As epiphytes they found a new way to live in the space already being taken up by another a plant. The shape of their leaves means the little pools of water that accumulate at the base not only provide water for the plant (in some species) but also provide homes or nurseries to all kinds of other creatures such as poison arrow frogs in the rainforests of South America. Not least they are also so very striking to look at and of course to take pictures of.


December 28 2013 Aged


Today we took a trip to visit some more family for the Christmas season. Since things have been such a whirlwind I haven’t had a normal Christmas, which I like actually. I have found it is the abnormal ones that are the most memorable. Since I spent most of the month giving stuff away I didn’t really want anything, but I did get this as a present, a 21 year old bottle of Scotch.. which is pretty damn sweet in itself and makes a cool picture too!

December 27 2013 Work of Art that Swims


This was a picture I have long wanted to take.. Since I was around 1o years old my childhood pets were these two newts, Ron-tu and Fig are their names and after 20 years they are still going strong! I have tried to take many pictures of them but they never looked very good through the glass or through the water, except for this one of Ron-tu.. don’t know what it is about it but it is a though someone painted him on canvas. 🙂

December 26 2013 Nope Nothing…


Not going to lie after such a long drive home and all the things I have to deal with in the last month today I did not want to do anything. On that thought this was a picture out the window of my bedroom during sunset.. the Ice still not forgotten yet..

December 25 2013 Ice Scupltures for Christmas

Macro Macro-5 Macro-3

As many of you may know, there was a major ice storm in Toronto just before Christmas, so when I arrived back in Toronto there was still ice on everything.. These are some of my favorite pictures I was able to capture when I finally arrived home on Christmas day.

December 24 2013 Hey There Baby


Yup can’t say much about this one as this was the first time I met my new 6 day old Niece.. Can’t say anything she is just beautiful 🙂

December 23 2013 Weighted Response


Today was the day we finally left Mt St Anne, the weather was finally good enough for us to head out and so we went off to see my sister in Ottawa. Which held a very special surprise of its own, which you should see tomorrow, but for now I just enjoyed the shape of the dumbbell on the carpet.