December 4 2013 Glass Mushroom


I agree this picture is rather odd. I didn’t really know what to take a picture of and I realized I have never really tried to take a picture of a dripping tap. I have always thought of it as something everyone who starts getting into photography does but I have not done it. That in itself is rather silly because it is a lot of fun to try. This was the result of my endeavors and to me it looks like a glass mushroom.. and yes I took the picture upside down but liked it better this way, somehow it did not look as interesting flipped around.


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About jskuchta

I am just a guy who loves to explore the natural world. I love to hike and to take pictures of anything I find along the way from the smallest insect to the wide panorama of the sea. I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario but I like to travel everywhere I can. Here shall be a place for some of the things I find.

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