January 12 2013 A New Year, a New Challenge and Egyptian Mythology..

It has been what feels like forever since I finished my 2013 Photo Challenge, when in fact it has only been a little over a week. It is still boggles my mind that I was able to do it. It was a certainly a hard challenge to do but one in the end is so very worth it. Now I have all of 2013 to remember in pictures. The best part is this challenge captured all the craziness that happened this year, from my sister getting married and having beautiful little girl to me getting a new job in Ontario. It has been a roller coaster year and one I will love looking through for a long time to come. Though once I was done I was struck with the question of what to do next? I knew I wanted to keep taking pictures but perhaps not to the same sheer volume I did this past year. So I decided that every month I will pick a new theme and instead of once a day I will be publishing a series of images each along a common theme. January’s theme was given to me by my friend Lisa, nice and simple Black and White. Here are the first images of of the month :).

This is a piece of art that is out in front of my new work in North York. I didn’t think it before, but looking at these pictures, this contraption reminds me of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian Jackal God of the Dead. I have always loved the mythology surrounding that pantheon of gods, it is always just fascinated me. One of my favorites was always Anubis, you can see his face small and unassuming at the top there. Perhaps all those things are the tools of mummification, or he happens to be holding the really complex scales of Osiris… Either way this statue has been given new life in my mind and that makes all the more Awesome. Black and white-4Black and white-2


About jskuchta

I am just a guy who loves to explore the natural world. I love to hike and to take pictures of anything I find along the way from the smallest insect to the wide panorama of the sea. I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario but I like to travel everywhere I can. Here shall be a place for some of the things I find.

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