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April 20 2014 Marshland With the Birds

Rondeau Marshland-26Rondeau Marshland-2 Rondeau Marshland-14 Rondeau Marshland-15 Rondeau Marshland-16 Rondeau Marshland-8

As promised some of the birds I captured at Rondeau Provincial Park. These are not by any means all the pictures I took of the various birds I came across, just what I thought were the most pleasing to me. In case you want to know what kind of birds these are, in order from the top of the page. 1. Great Blue Heron 2. Male Red-Wing Blackbird 3. Brown Thrasher 4. Turkey Vultures 5. Double Crested Cormorant 6. Pair of Bufflehead ducks


April 20 2014 Marshland sans birds..

Rondeau Marshland-4 Rondeau Marshland-7 Rondeau Marshland-11 Rondeau Marshland-19 Rondeau Marshland-21

I came into Easter weekend not really expecting to do very much.  Maybe some exploring around here but nothing big, then I get an email about a family emergency developing and so I was on the road. As it turns out the emergency was a false alarm, so I had a lot of time to explore the area. I spent the afternoon at Rondeau Provincial Park hiking the length of the Marsh Trail. I found an incredible amount and variety of birds but here are the pictures without birds.. The ones with birds will be in the next post!

April 18 2014 More Wanderings

6 Mile lake_ 6 Mile lake_-4 6 Mile lake-3

I will admit I was worried about moving back to Toronto because I love being outside in natural places. The city I find wears down upon me after a while.. However, I love that I can still go out and find places like this. I went up north and walked along a snowmobile trail for a while until I came across a lake. Here is what I found.. I think I might have to come back here with a kayak at some point this summer.


April 12th 2014 My little Niece 4 Months on

Samantha Samantha-2 Samantha-3  Samantha-5

My sister and my new little niece were down to visit last weekend and as always I took the opportunity to get as many pictures of her as I could. Here are some of the picks of the day.. Yup she is still absolutely adorable. I had originally decided not to post these but then realized I could not hold them back.


April 13 2014 The Sloppy and Very Wet Spring Hike



Wyse Marsh

Wyse Marsh-3 Wyse Marsh-15

Even the Birds were all wet.. granted one was a swan…

Wyse Marsh-8 Wyse Marsh-13

But today I finally went out exploring around southern Ontario. It has been too long since I have last done that.. I have spent so long getting my life organized in Toronto, it still isn’t sorted I have to say, but I needed to be off for a day.. It was rainy for a while, everything was wet and I even fell into a very small creek not so gracefully.. not that there is a graceful way to fall into a creek, but it was Awesome none the less, even with my wet feet. Here is some of what I found on my squelchy way..