April 20 2014 Marshland With the Birds

Rondeau Marshland-26Rondeau Marshland-2 Rondeau Marshland-14 Rondeau Marshland-15 Rondeau Marshland-16 Rondeau Marshland-8

As promised some of the birds I captured at Rondeau Provincial Park. These are not by any means all the pictures I took of the various birds I came across, just what I thought were the most pleasing to me. In case you want to know what kind of birds these are, in order from the top of the page. 1. Great Blue Heron 2. Male Red-Wing Blackbird 3. Brown Thrasher 4. Turkey Vultures 5. Double Crested Cormorant 6. Pair of Bufflehead ducks


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About jskuchta

I am just a guy who loves to explore the natural world. I love to hike and to take pictures of anything I find along the way from the smallest insect to the wide panorama of the sea. I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario but I like to travel everywhere I can. Here shall be a place for some of the things I find.

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