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June 14 2014 Returning to the Red Island

PEI-56  PEI-42PEI-75PEI-105PEI-95 PEI-117

In all the years I spent living on the east coast I never really took the time to tour around PEI. I did go once in the winter but didn’t get to see too much of the island. Finally got that chance this past week and here is what I found. It was a fantastic trip and I need to send a special thanks to my awesome friend Lisa for suggesting it!


June 8th 2014 Smell of the Sea


I will say one thing I really miss about living on the east coast is the ocean. The smell of it in the air, the feel of it blow across your skin, I still have not gotten used to its absence yet living in Toronto. Which is why I was excited to  be going to a little place called Mingan in Quebec. It is way up along the gulf of St Laurence about a 10 hour drive from Quebec city and it is a gorgeous little place. Apparently few tourists from elsewhere in Canada or the US come here. It is mainly European tourists that make the trek which seemed rather odd to me, because it is definitely a place I would like to spend more time exploring.

May 31st 2014 Wandering the Path

Sutton Sutton-2

Once upon a time I was an undergraduate student at Bishops University. Seems like so long ago, and I suppose it was but I had such a great time there, part of it was the location. I love the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and I got a chance to return there on my latest work trip. Our destination was the top of the Sutton Ski Area and unfortunately I did not bring my camera up the mountain the first day because of the torrential rain that greeted us. I regretted it very much because the clouds where just kissing the mountaintop and gliding down the other side, flowing across the landscape.. The rest of the days when I did bring my camera up the cloud just sat on top of us.. there was very little be seen. I did manage to take a walk the night before we left when the sun finally came out.. It seems I found an old and what apparently was abandoned camp sites.. Made for some interesting photo opportunities as you can see 🙂