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December 2014 One Year On


I could not help but post these pictures from December. Here we have some of my favorite pictures of my little niece.. I say some of my favorite because it seems every time I see her that list of favorite pictures seems to get quite a lot longer.. Though I just love how introspective she looks here.


February 2015 Scientific Winter Wonderland

ELA-20 ELA-17I know I haven’t posted for a while , It seems I needed a break for a while but I also found I needed to post about this. A few weeks ago I got a chance to go to a truly special place in Canada. My work took me to the Experimental Lakes Area near Kenora Ontario. In case you do not know of it, it is a unique research facility consisting of 52 isolated lakes that has allowed scientists to study ecosystem wide effects of various pollutants whereas most studies focus on Isolated and small scale effects. There is no other research facility like it in the world.. While it is unique it is also an incredibly beautiful place to walk around.