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Sopwith Strutter Flight August 2015

Sopwith Strutter Flight-2 Sopwith Strutter Flight-6 Sopwith Strutter Flight-3 Sopwith Strutter Flight-5

Back in August me and my Dad were able to take a ride on a replica WW1 biplane based out of the Brampton Airport. It is difficult to describe how awesome it was so here are some of the pictures I managed to get from the day. During my flight I was lucky to have a RAF SE5a as an escort, the camera doesn’t quite capture how close the plane seemed to be. I would recommend it to anyone. It just seemed so surreal and like no other flight I have ever taken.


Northern Lights October 2015

CB_20151001-1-19 CB_20151001-1-18

This October I was lucky enough to get sent to Northern Saskatchewan for work. I could not have asked for a better week, the weather was great and the problems I was sent out to fix turned out to be fairly simple. Most of all though in the evenings this is what greeted me back at my hotel. I have seen the Northern Lights before but nothing compared to this, not when I could just walk down about 50 meters to the dead quiet lake. There was a point where is was a bit nerve racking though, it was so quiet anything that moved was a surprise.. At one point I could hear something moving down the beach but couldn’t see anything.. People I spoke to earlier that day had told me how a wolf and bear cub were around the last few weeks, so I was a bit worried.. Eventually though I heard it jump in the water and saw it swimming, turns out it was muskrat. He seemed rather disturbed every time the shutter clicked, as he would always splash.. He did not seem inclined to move on either. Regardless it was worth that tense moment for these pictures.

August 18 Thunderstorm

Luther Marsh-3 Luther Marsh-2 Luther Marsh

I remember that day well, I went looking for a new place to hike and found the Luther Marsh up near Orangeville. Not long after I got there and walked around, the sky started getting pretty black and I decided to leave early.. It was a good decision as on my way back those clouds came to greet me. I stopped at the Canadian Tire because one of my windshield wipers had broken and as you can imagine I suspected very accurately that I would need new ones very soon…

Fundy Return May 2015


One thing I do miss about being in Nova Scotia is the Ocean. Back in May I went to back for a bit a vacation and spent a good amount of time just hanging out on the Bay of Fundy.

Labrador August 2015


It is not every day you get a chance to go to Labrador. I was lucky enough to be sent there for work and there was no way I wouldn’t go exploring while I was there. It started interestingly when I rented the car the woman’s spiel included “Don’t worry if you window gets a crack in it, this is Labrador.. it is weird if a windshield doesn’t have a crack in it”. I had time in the evenings to go exploring but it amazed me how isolated the city of Goose Bay actually is. There are basically 3 directions you can drive from Goose Bay the one to the north takes you to a community about 100km away on Lake Melville (the saltwater tidal lake). A route to the southwest takes you to Labrador city and and a route east takes you along the south coast of Labrador.. but not far down both roads there are signs that say ┬ásomething like “400km until next services, check your fuel” These are some pictures I took while driving down those roads.. It is incredible the seemingly endless forest that is there.. you would go over hills and look over and just see nothing but forest or bogs as far as the eye could see.. The funny thing in the water is something I came across fairly close to town. It seems like various trucks used it to pull water out of the river and then spread it over the dirt roads.. I am not really sure why.. You can see the dust coming off the road as one of the trucks drove along.

Long Point Conservation Area May 2015

Long point-6 Long point-5 Long point-4

I have take a break in posting some of my pictures but that does not mean I have not been taking them. I have found that I was just in the mood to post them.. hard to describe why but I hope that ends today. I will say I do love walking around Conservation areas in the off season, here was a place that has camp and trailer sites everywhere but better the May long weekend the beach and the forest around was just so quiet and so peaceful.. It is always worth a walk around.