Northern Lights October 2015

CB_20151001-1-19 CB_20151001-1-18

This October I was lucky enough to get sent to Northern Saskatchewan for work. I could not have asked for a better week, the weather was great and the problems I was sent out to fix turned out to be fairly simple. Most of all though in the evenings this is what greeted me back at my hotel. I have seen the Northern Lights before but nothing compared to this, not when I could just walk down about 50 meters to the dead quiet lake. There was a point where is was a bit nerve racking though, it was so quiet anything that moved was a surprise.. At one point I could hear something moving down the beach but couldn’t see anything.. People I spoke to earlier that day had told me how a wolf and bear cub were around the last few weeks, so I was a bit worried.. Eventually though I heard it jump in the water and saw it swimming, turns out it was muskrat. He seemed rather disturbed every time the shutter clicked, as he would always splash.. He did not seem inclined to move on either. Regardless it was worth that tense moment for these pictures.


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About jskuchta

I am just a guy who loves to explore the natural world. I love to hike and to take pictures of anything I find along the way from the smallest insect to the wide panorama of the sea. I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario but I like to travel everywhere I can. Here shall be a place for some of the things I find.

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