Archive | February 2016

Jan 10 2016 Crazy Cloud Forest

I started my Journey through Costa Rica with heading up into the cloud forest town of Monteverde. I was on a G Adventures trip where our guide actually grew up there and took us to this fantastic strangler fig that you could climb nearly all the way to the top inside the tree. I couldn’t get over just how cool it all looked.


Jan 15 2016 Fun Shapes

Now the date for these pictures is not really accurate as all of these were taken at different times on the trip but for all of them I enjoyed how innocuous they seemed. But just ended up looking so much more interesting after I took the picture.

Jan 24 2016 Many Monkeys!

In my time in Costa Rica I did not see many monkeys on the first half of the trip, but when I went to Tortuguero national park.. They just kept appearing, made me sad I did not make it to the region with Squirrel monkeys!

Jan 13 2016 Frogs!

I have always had a soft spot Amphibians for as long as I can remember, which is why I tried to get as many pictures of them as I could. I took a lot but most were either asleep or in very bad light for pictures.. these are a few of the best.

Jan 22 2016 Into the Night

There are times where I just love to stand out and look into the night, here are few pictures where I got that opportunity in Costa Rica.