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Feb 24 2013 Back to Halifax

leaving Bahamas

A sad day after an awesome night. My sister got married yesterday, it was a beautiful ceremony and a great party. Also since the reception was an open bar, that made the next the morning and flying a little rough but it was worth it. I was sad to be leave the Bahamas but all good things must come to an end I suppose. That was my condo for the week and then it was back to the bridges of Halifax. When I got back to Halifax it felt like that morning was such a long way away.


Feb 23 2013 Sister’s Wedding Day


Today was a big day and an awesome day. My sister got married and it was a blast 🙂 as you can imagine there are lots of cool pictures from tonight but this one I thought was the oddest looking one.
Cheers to Sandra and Sean!

Feb 22 2013 Construction


Spent some time at the beach today, and went to go and see the parents at their hotel as I hadn’t really hung out with them much for most of the week. They had a great view of the ocean from their room but they also had a view of the construction site for the new resort going up called the Baha Mar. There were quite a lot of cranes.

Feb 21 2013 Where the Wind Goes


Today was so very awesome, two days until my sister gets married and she and my future brother in law organized a boat cruise for their family and friends. So awesome, such a beautiful day for it with some snorkeling just off Rose Island. With a bit of dance party as we sailed on the wind back to the dock.

Feb 20 2013 Scraggly Tree


Nassau is a pretty interesting place and I like it a lot. However, there is one thing I do not quite like. There is very little natural forest anywhere, it seemed me that most of the island was developed at some point. It does seem like in a few places they are trying bring nature back at least for tourism’s sake, this was in an interesting little park/wetland that was full of all kinds of birds. I will be posting most of the bird pictures up later but I thought this tree in the evening sun looked particularly awesome.

Feb 18 2013 The Rusty Cage


The first full day in the Bahamas, spent most of it just basically wandering around downtown. Then stargazing and of course drinking in the evening. This was the fence the enclosed the area around my condo, frankly it seemed like a much bigger danger to drunk people than to anyone who wanted to get in, but I still thought it looked pretty cool.

Feb 19 2013 On its way


I was wandering around downtown and thought I would check out where the ferry terminal was since I was down there as I was thinking about trying to get to one of the other islands for a day. It was in a place called Potters Cay, an odd place. There was a local market on the way up the dock which then turned into an active shipping port, which did not look like the place to run ferries. I kept walking but eventually found the place tucked away behind shipping containers, fishing gear and the wreaks of cars and boats. It was strange place but afterwards I climbed the bridge to Paradise island to see what kind of view I could get, but thought the mail boat below me looked rather interesting. more interesting than the cruise ships frankly