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Long Point Conservation Area May 2015

Long point-6 Long point-5 Long point-4

I have take a break in posting some of my pictures but that does not mean I have not been taking them. I have found that I was just in the mood to post them.. hard to describe why but I hope that ends today. I will say I do love walking around Conservation areas in the off season, here was a place that has camp and trailer sites everywhere but better the May long weekend the beach and the forest around was just so quiet and so peaceful.. It is always worth a walk around.


April 20 2014 Marshland With the Birds

Rondeau Marshland-26Rondeau Marshland-2 Rondeau Marshland-14 Rondeau Marshland-15 Rondeau Marshland-16 Rondeau Marshland-8

As promised some of the birds I captured at Rondeau Provincial Park. These are not by any means all the pictures I took of the various birds I came across, just what I thought were the most pleasing to me. In case you want to know what kind of birds these are, in order from the top of the page. 1. Great Blue Heron 2. Male Red-Wing Blackbird 3. Brown Thrasher 4. Turkey Vultures 5. Double Crested Cormorant 6. Pair of Bufflehead ducks

April 13 2014 The Sloppy and Very Wet Spring Hike



Wyse Marsh

Wyse Marsh-3 Wyse Marsh-15

Even the Birds were all wet.. granted one was a swan…

Wyse Marsh-8 Wyse Marsh-13

But today I finally went out exploring around southern Ontario. It has been too long since I have last done that.. I have spent so long getting my life organized in Toronto, it still isn’t sorted I have to say, but I needed to be off for a day.. It was rainy for a while, everything was wet and I even fell into a very small creek not so gracefully.. not that there is a graceful way to fall into a creek, but it was Awesome none the less, even with my wet feet. Here is some of what I found on my squelchy way..

December 8 2013 Winter Bird


Even in the winter hearing the birds around me always lifts my spirits, I love it even more when in a group of Chickadee’s (which are always around) you see something different. Something that looks like a Chickadee but is a White Breasted Nuthatch. I was going to post the colour picture of this little guy but I wondered what he would look like in black and white as their colouration is rather mellow. To me it just made him look even more striking.

November 10 2013 Wintering

Sea-6 Sea-3

Took a drive down to the south shore yesterday and went on a lovely little meander around. The weather wasn’t so great but again that has never stopped me before. I ended up near the Graves island provincial park which sadly was closed for the winter, you can see the bridge to it here. More surprisingly were the little birds that were floating around beside the bridge. They are Horned Grebes in their non-breeding plumage and for some reason their wintering grounds are along the coast here and along the pacific.. Their breeding grounds are up in the Arctic territories but on the western side around Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories.. I know the seas here are particularly productive and that in itself is a good reason to overwinter here.. but still it seems like a long distance to come to overwinter in Nova Scotia.. Though I suppose food is more important than weather..

October 31 2013 Halloween Surprises

Halloween-4 Halloween-7


I have to say I do enjoy Halloween, I can’t say I really take part in it anymore but I am an interested observer to what is going on around me. I liked very much how the ghost on the front deck of this house struck me.. the shapes on the wood behind it were just as interesting as the ghost itself! However, I was in for another surprise though, it being Halloween I decided to take a walk through a graveyard on my way home and found this little guy foraging among the gravestones.. He is a male black-throated blue warbler and something I never expected to see around so late in the year seeing as how I am near the northernmost point of their summer range. Anyway he is a beautiful little guy and I just could not resist posting him too!

September 29 2013 Push the Water

Strap-2 Strap

Today was probably one of the last days I would have been able to go kayaking and so I did and it was beautiful. It was so very warm out but you could just see that the leaves are just starting to change and the water is still surprisingly warm. I landed on Micou island just to take a little walk around but saw how interesting the network of deck lines on the kayak actually were, so I tried to capture it. Then later I came across this little spotted sandpiper flying around and couldn’t resist posting it too! In case you are wondering why the bird is not spotted it is because the breeding season is over and it no longer has its breeding plumage.