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Dec 21 2015 Wander along the Leslie Street Spit

This past Sunday I took a walk out to the Leslie street spit, a place I had heard about but never actually went. Now after I have been it seems ridiculous that I never went especially since there were so many types of birds! I didn’t manage to catch any great photos of the birds but  the other awesome part of this place was the beach.. It is crazy how something that for all intensive purposes is a pile waste rock could look so very cool in the end.


January 1 2014 Old Habits Die Hard

Aquarium-7 Aquarium-5

Ok so today I did manage to get to the new Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, I wasn’t planning on posting today but I liked these pictures so much I thought I had too..

December 26 2013 Nope Nothing…


Not going to lie after such a long drive home and all the things I have to deal with in the last month today I did not want to do anything. On that thought this was a picture out the window of my bedroom during sunset.. the Ice still not forgotten yet..

December 25 2013 Ice Scupltures for Christmas

Macro Macro-5 Macro-3

As many of you may know, there was a major ice storm in Toronto just before Christmas, so when I arrived back in Toronto there was still ice on everything.. These are some of my favorite pictures I was able to capture when I finally arrived home on Christmas day.

December 18 2013 Dropping Away


Finished up emptying my apartment today and played Tetris with all my irregularly shaped belongings trying to get them to fit in my awkwardly shaped car. It worked out surprisingly well largely in part because I had summer tires to bring home and stuffing them full of my clothes worked incredibly well as a space saver. The weather looks like it will be good tomorrow so off we shall go, one drop in a sea of movement across this country to Ontario.

December 17 2013 Watching the Weather


The weather in Halifax has been pretty terrible the last few days, my Dad arrived to drive back to Ontario with me but we didn’t want to start our journey in what awaited us today. So we spend quite a bit of time looking out the window and to the weather reports to see when we could head out. Also I feel I should apologize the reason these posts are so late is that basically the computer in which I stored and edited my photos was packed up by this point and was only just unpacked after Christmas.

December 16 2013 Treacherous


The parking lot for my apartment building has been rather treacherous of late, we got the big thaw freeze so typical of Halifax that it is pretty much a skating rink. Made getting stuff out of my apartment that much more dicey, though to be fair there was a lot of snow to be tackled and it only took a day for a truck to come and dump a whole hell of a lot of sand. In the mean time there were some cool shapes in the ice and snow.