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September 30 2014 The Bugs We Find

Cottage-25Cottage-15 Cottage-16 .Fall-5 Fall-6 Fall-8 Fall-10 Fall-12


I absolutely love bugs, as summer turns to fall one of the things that makes me sad is that soon, the familiar buzz in the grass and in the trees is going to disappear for the winter. It seem I am almost the only one who feels this way, everyone else is glad to see them go.  When I go on hikes I always enjoy just hearing and feeling the life around me and so here are few pictures of some of the insects I came across this summer.


October 30 2013 Roofs are Awesome

Dunn Dunn-13 Dunn-4



In my time working at Dalhousie I have spent a great deal of time on a lot of roof tops. I think that is one of the greatest points I enjoy about my job, I get to see the city from a not so common vantage point.  Here I even rescued a Blow fly from the certain death it would have experienced from being exposed during the winter, I included it because it will probably be the last insect picture for a long time. Just for the purposes of education this fly is male because you can see that the the two half’s of his eyes are nearly touching, if they were farther apart it would be a female. This is a general rule for the most common of flies but it is certainly not an iron fast rule to all the 300,000 fly species that have been described.. One thing I have learned about science and especially biology is that there are always exceptions to every rule.

October 4 2013 The Cold day with a lot of Bees


These past few days have been so very gorgeous I could not avoid taking another walk through the gardens. Here it seemed there were a tone of bumblebees everywhere I looked and none of them were moving very fast, I also laughed when I saw the sign for the Hollyhill Pinkie…  and thought it could make a pretty interesting picture

September 28 2013 Lazy September Day


I went out today to enjoy the sun of possibly one of the last really nice days before autumn really takes hold. It was a beautiful and surprisingly hot, I was considering going for a swim in the lake here because it was so warm. I spent a great deal of the day just hanging out in my hammock reading. I did take a walk around the lake as well and managed to capture this, I did not realize how awesome it was until I got home. It was one of those pictures where I saw the dragonfly flying past and just grabbed my camera, held down the button and hoped I had been somewhat sensible at choosing the settings from the previous picture. I was not disappointed, there is just something so very fantastic about how dragonflies fly.

September 11 2013 Warning! Creepy Crawly


Some of you might remember from way back when but I have been raising “superworms” as they are called for quite a while now. I have now reached a stage again where I need more adults, so I have gone and separated out the biggest of the larvae and placed them in their own separate bins as superworms will only pupate when they are on their own. It takes them a while to pupate but having seen it before, it boggles my mind how much the larvae changes in so short a time, so this time around I am going to see if I can capture it step by step. This guy I thought looked pretty interesting as he seemed like he was almost dancing to some music only it could hear.

September 5 2013 Light on the Spider


As has no doubt been ascertained by anyone who has been following my blog for a while, I love insects and spiders and all the things that are not exactly known as loveable by most of the rest of humankind. Spiders are some of the most demonized of those creatures because they are so utterly different just in the way they are shaped. They are for the most part harmless to us but they also have some pretty awesome benefits. One thing I very much enjoy about photographing spiders is that usually I have a good selection of mosquitoes and black flies flying around my head, though when I get close to the web a good chunk of them tend to hit it instead. So I get some awesome pictures and the spider gets a good meal(s).

September 4 2013 Safe-ish Spiky Bed..

Lotion-3 Lotion-4

A walk in the public gardens is always an great way to spend some time on my way home from work. I was wandering though and came to the desert section and at first thought the various cacti would be interesting to shoot by themselves. Then I noticed all the flies that kept landing all over the place, need I say more. In fact I sort of managed to capture one mid flight, in the second picture in the upper left corner you can see the blurred fly that is coming in for a landing, my shutter speed was just too slow to capture it this time.