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September 29 2013 Push the Water

Strap-2 Strap

Today was probably one of the last days I would have been able to go kayaking and so I did and it was beautiful. It was so very warm out but you could just see that the leaves are just starting to change and the water is still surprisingly warm. I landed on Micou island just to take a little walk around but saw how interesting the network of deck lines on the kayak actually were, so I tried to capture it. Then later I came across this little spotted sandpiper flying around and couldn’t resist posting it too! In case you are wondering why the bird is not spotted it is because the breeding season is over and it no longer has its breeding plumage.


August 18 2013 Sea Sun

Sunset tour

Today was an awesome day, I spent most of the afternoon kayaking and then was called in for a tour. This was the sight that greeted us when we returned, I could get used to this. I need to get a dry suit so I can go in the winter…

August 15 2013 The Sun Sets on the Kayaking Class


Today was a bit of sad day, it was the official end to my kayaking class. We did another night where we practice rolling and it seemed I had some strange problems especially when I tried to do it with goggles on. All of a sudden being able to see under water was incredibly distracting. Anyway it is hard to believe that it has been a year since I started this class, I have learned a hell of a lot and I know I have found something I am never going to stop doing ­čÖé

August 10 2013 Island Landing


I know I have taken a picture like this before, but frankly I like this one better. I was kayaking around some off shore islands in St Margaret’s Bay and decided to land for a break. A beautiful place to relax.

August 8 2013 Broken Lights in the Sea


Today was pretty busy day I did not really have a lot of time for pictures. Work was very busy and then I had to be out to learn how to roll in my sea kayaking course. Which I have to say was Awesome, I managed to do it and you can see one of my successful rolls here What you don’t see is that in the pocket of my PFT were my keys and this light was attached to the key chain. Afterwards I had to drop off my boat in the dark and this was my only flashlight. I found┬á that the light won’t go out now, So I thought I would take a picture of it.

August 7 2013 Surgical Appliance Pink Sky?


I didn’t really want to take a picture of the sunset today because I kinda did that yesterday. However as I was leaving from kayaking this evening I could not resist a few snap shots. When I saw it come off my camera, it was by far the coolest picture. Just makes me want get on a plane see where that horizon takes me.

August 4 2013 Glass after the Exhastion


Today was an Awesome day, I officially finished my kayak guide training course and basically spent the entire day kayaking. The only thing that ended my day of kayaking was that I really didn’t eat anything┬á since breakfast.. Sadly though I was so focused on the kayaking I did not really take a picture for myself while I was on the water, so when I got home I looked through the looking glass, which is just one of my regular glasses, it was still an interesting sight on the other side however.