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Feb 20 2016-Around the Station

One night while I was at Alert I went out for a walk around the station. These were some of my favorite shots.. What I really loved about this place was how quiet it was, there was no one around..everyone was inside because it was -35 C but it was just utterly quiet, I could not get enough of that. In the bottom picture I actually startled an Environment Canada tech who was coming back from releasing a weather balloon. That was him coming by on his snowmobile and he was not expecting me to be hanging out along the road.


Jan 22 2016 Into the Night

There are times where I just love to stand out and look into the night, here are few pictures where I got that opportunity in Costa Rica.

Sopwith Strutter Flight August 2015

Sopwith Strutter Flight-2 Sopwith Strutter Flight-6 Sopwith Strutter Flight-3 Sopwith Strutter Flight-5

Back in August me and my Dad were able to take a ride on a replica WW1 biplane based out of the Brampton Airport. It is difficult to describe how awesome it was so here are some of the pictures I managed to get from the day. During my flight I was lucky to have a RAF SE5a as an escort, the camera doesn’t quite capture how close the plane seemed to be. I would recommend it to anyone. It just seemed so surreal and like no other flight I have ever taken.

Fundy Return May 2015


One thing I do miss about being in Nova Scotia is the Ocean. Back in May I went to back for a bit a vacation and spent a good amount of time just hanging out on the Bay of Fundy.

July 24 2014 Memories by the Water

Cottage-30 Cottage-14 Cottage-11

I have not been incredibly good at creating these posts as they happen of late. I was looking through my pictures and came across these ones from a trip up to a friend’s cottage this past summer. I always enjoy looking back at my pictures just because of how vividly the memories of great times like that come back to me.

July 2014 Birthday Gift

Dedo tape-4Dedo tape-5

My own birthday’s have for so long been uneventful occasions, I have rarely done anything special or expected any kind of gift from anyone. I find I don’t really care to get new stuff, my apartment is rather sparsely furnished with mostly second hand things and more often I just don’t want to accumulate anything else. There are however some exceptions, the things that I feel enrich my life by using them. As you might have guessed my camera is one but my skis and my golf clubs also qualify. Today, however I received another one in the mail.. it was my grandfather’s surveyors  measuring tape.. as I was playing with it and taking the above pictures I realized this simple little thing is going to come with me wherever I go.

April 20 2014 Marshland With the Birds

Rondeau Marshland-26Rondeau Marshland-2 Rondeau Marshland-14 Rondeau Marshland-15 Rondeau Marshland-16 Rondeau Marshland-8

As promised some of the birds I captured at Rondeau Provincial Park. These are not by any means all the pictures I took of the various birds I came across, just what I thought were the most pleasing to me. In case you want to know what kind of birds these are, in order from the top of the page. 1. Great Blue Heron 2. Male Red-Wing Blackbird 3. Brown Thrasher 4. Turkey Vultures 5. Double Crested Cormorant 6. Pair of Bufflehead ducks