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December 2014 One Year On


I could not help but post these pictures from December. Here we have some of my favorite pictures of my little niece.. I say some of my favorite because it seems every time I see her that list of favorite pictures seems to get quite a lot longer.. Though I just love how introspective she looks here.


April 12th 2014 My little Niece 4 Months on

Samantha Samantha-2 Samantha-3  Samantha-5

My sister and my new little niece were down to visit last weekend and as always I took the opportunity to get as many pictures of her as I could. Here are some of the picks of the day.. Yup she is still absolutely adorable. I had originally decided not to post these but then realized I could not hold them back.


December 24 2013 Hey There Baby


Yup can’t say much about this one as this was the first time I met my new 6 day old Niece.. Can’t say anything she is just beautiful 🙂

July 16 2013 OMG HI HI HI PLAY?! HI!

Boss Boss-7

Meet a little boston terrier I got hang out with for a while tonight. A hilariously energetic and playful dog, who is almost always ready to play to the point where he almost doesn’t realize he is overheating. He had to be hosed down briefly just to make sure he stayed cool! You can just see in his eyes how he wants to play, and doesn’t quite know what to do with the camera in the way..

May 17 2013 The Ghost Walk


My friend Jenny was in town this past weekend and it was the first time I had seen her in over a year as she only just recently got back from an awesome trip to Australia and New Zealand. It was a good time and even turned into a bit of university reunion. Tonight we went on a Ghost walk around Halifax and it was interesting, the guy doing the tour was a little odd though. I think he was also a bit annoyed at me because I looked like I wasn’t paying attention to him as I spent most of my time taking pictures, I was listening but just did not give him my full attention. I took lots of pictures that night and Jenny was kind enough to strike a pose for this one, turned out pretty awesome I think especially as portrait shots are certainly not something I often do.