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Feb 23 2016 The Bluff on the Road to the Lab

As someone who lives in Toronto even though I have quite a short commute to work of about 15 minutes I still get annoyed by it. While I was at Alert in order to get out to the lab we had drive about 30 minutes from the station. This is a view along the way, I could get used to this commute.. It could be 2 hours long and I wouldn’t give a rats ass…


Feb 22 2016-An incredible sight

For some reason after a winter of very overcast skies, for the week I arrived it was mostly clear. Even more amazing the last full day I was there it was the full moon. You know how on those clear days when the full moon rises for about half an hour it is huge in the sky before it moves up higher and shrinks down? Well when the moon is full at Alert it rises like that and stays huge and just oscillates up and down across the horizon all day. It really does feel like you are on another planet where all the physics are different. On that day we also took a drive and visited the wreckage of a C-54 Skymaster aircraft that crashed in 1952 just sitting off to the side of the runway. All the crew of this crash survived and that seems all the more amazing when  you look and see what is left of it! An incredible piece of history just sitting there half buried under the snow, just highlighting the challenges of just being in a place like Alert.

Feb 20 2016-Around the Station

One night while I was at Alert I went out for a walk around the station. These were some of my favorite shots.. What I really loved about this place was how quiet it was, there was no one around..everyone was inside because it was -35 C but it was just utterly quiet, I could not get enough of that. In the bottom picture I actually startled an Environment Canada tech who was coming back from releasing a weather balloon. That was him coming by on his snowmobile and he was not expecting me to be hanging out along the road.

Feb 18 2016-A look back at Alert


As you might notice here, this is near the runway at CFS Alert, looking back towards the station. It looks like it may be sunset but it is around 3pm in the afternoon and hasn’t been up yet this year. I don’t know who built this inukshuk but it certainly makes a fitting sentinel looking out from the station over the vast ice of Arctic ocean.

Feb 17 2016-A Flight to Remember

I love my job.. I cannot say that enough.. I have fun at my day to day work which is awesome but it also sends me to the far reaches of Canada. I recently got to go to as far as it is possible to go north on land before you hit the North Pole to CFS Alert, Nunavut. I got there in a C-130 Hercules Cargo plane and so the journey as well as the destination were utterly fantastic.

Jan 10 2016 Crazy Cloud Forest

I started my Journey through Costa Rica with heading up into the cloud forest town of Monteverde. I was on a G Adventures trip where our guide actually grew up there and took us to this fantastic strangler fig that you could climb nearly all the way to the top inside the tree. I couldn’t get over just how cool it all looked.

Jan 15 2016 Fun Shapes

Now the date for these pictures is not really accurate as all of these were taken at different times on the trip but for all of them I enjoyed how innocuous they seemed. But just ended up looking so much more interesting after I took the picture.