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July 30 2013 PFD Hang up


So as many of you know I have been taking a kayak guide course for the last year and all that equipment is expensive but I have been acquiring it bit by bit. Today I got my PFD and started personalizing to make it my own, and for some reason this little carabiner caught my eye. I just really like the shape and colour of it, can’t really explain why.


July 29 2013 If you don’t like Spiders….


It is my birthday and I wanted to find something really cool to take a picture of… then this guy presented himself. He even stayed still long enough for me to get even closer. I realize very few people might agree with me on this but spiders are fantastic creatures . That is all I can say 🙂

July 28 2013 Blurring the lines…


I have done a few of these kinds of pictures before, but that does not mean they are not fun! I was experimenting with this flashlight and seeing if I could create any kind of cool effect by making the focus deliberately worse, though this time my favorite picture was the first one I took. The one in focus, you never can tell sometimes.

July 27 2013 Home Station


The my workstation at home on Saturday, while I was trying to do work. I don’t think I need to say much more about my day.. I quite like the picture though

July 26 2013 Outside the Computer


In the era of video games sometimes it seems hard to fathom how the old dice games could be quite as much fun, at least until you start playing them.

July 25 2013 Climbing out of the Woodwork


I lured this little guy out with a bit of celery, he is a little beetle Larva and they do not come to surface often. I thought he just looked so very cool! Though I realize I might just be alone in this…

July 24 2013 Fanning out


My apartment is usually pretty cool as it is a basement. Though in the last few days it has become rather uncomfortable at times. So I dug out this little fan and then nearly immediately set up my tripod and this is what I got.