Archive | December 2015

Dec 21 2015 Wander along the Leslie Street Spit

This past Sunday I took a walk out to the Leslie street spit, a place I had heard about but never actually went. Now after I have been it seems ridiculous that I never went especially since there were so many types of birds! I didn’t manage to catch any great photos of the birds but  the other awesome part of this place was the beach.. It is crazy how something that for all intensive purposes is a pile waste rock could look so very cool in the end.


Dec 6th 2015-Return to Duncan

Not long ago on a trip to Nova Scotia I managed to return to a place I always loved to go, Duncan’s Cove.. If you go back in my blog you will see a few more pictures of this place, it never seems to get old for me or my friends as you can see above.

Nov 29 2015-A Closer Look

On Nov 29th I went back to an old favorite place called the Cold Creek Conservation area and managed to arrive before the morning frost had gone. These are a few of the pictures I captured.

Dec 12 2015-The Mono Cliffs

The Mono cliffs Provincial Park is a pretty cool place to walk around.. It is a perfect place for just a nice relaxed walk. Unfortunately it was quite overcast and thus rather dark which made it hard to get a good shot. These are what I managed to get.