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December 28 2013 Aged


Today we took a trip to visit some more family for the Christmas season. Since things have been such a whirlwind I haven’t had a normal Christmas, which I like actually. I have found it is the abnormal ones that are the most memorable. Since I spent most of the month giving stuff away I didn’t really want anything, but I did get this as a present, a 21 year old bottle of Scotch.. which is pretty damn sweet in itself and makes a cool picture too!


December 22 2013 Drying out to No Avail


This picture has an odd story attached to it.. So it seems I am still rather restless when I sleep, and when I was sleeping the first night we arrived at Mt St Anne I had a glass of water next to my bed, but also my phone charging too.. At some point in the night I knocked the glass of water over and soaked my phone, it sat in the pool of water for the entire rest of the night. I managed to get a cup of rice from the restaurant downstairs but sadly it seems as though the phone is not salvageable, the internal components are dried out but it just seems like the charging port was just so very messed up.

November 26 2013 Candy Guilt


I love clementine season, though I always forget it is coming. I suppose it is one of the awesome things about the coming of winter, as I seem to be able to eat them like candy.  I try not to keep candy in the apartment because if I have it, I will eat all of it.. I do the same with clementines though with the added benefit that I don’t feel bad about eating a ton of them all in one go. I don’t have the candied guilt if you will.

November 21 2013 That Tinny Feeling


I remember when I first moved into this apartment, the drawers were too small for any utensil tray that I could find. It really annoyed me to have root around in a pile of cutlery but then I remembered about a bamboo tray at one store that was rather big. I remember standing there looking at it wondering if I could saw it to the the size I needed. A salesperson came over and asked me if I needed help and I absent mindedly told her about my plan to saw the bamboo tray to fit. It amused me somewhat because she was taken aback by that thought and exclaimed “Oh no, you can’t do that!”. I think I looked at her rather strangely and said “Umm, Why can’t I?” which seemed to baffle her more. It was an interesting exchange and in the end I did saw it to size and it worked exceedingly well.

November 19 2013 Sweet Jane’s Candy


There are days that are not good days. Everything that can go wrong does and well in those times I am glad there is a candy store near my work. It is called Sweet Jane’s and is a rather interesting little store. Sells the most unusual items but also some really good candy. Definitely hits the spot after a hard day.

November 12 2013 Honey drops


Probably my favorite thing to put on toast in the morning is honey. I always try to buy the local honey from the market here in Halifax just because I find the taste to be excellent. It is often so hard to believe that I am eating something that a multitude of bee’s have previously digested.. though in many ways I also find that to be incredibly cool.

November 7 2013 Chalk Hills



Eggs are awesome, I try to have some every morning for breakfast. Every time I do I think about how this seemingly simple structure is what allowed our distant ancestors to fully break it’s ties with the aquatic environment and start colonizing the land. To think this little structure is as old as the hills (in many cases much older), which makes it a wonderful thing to contemplate.