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September 30 2013 Lighting along the Way


When I am downtown I often walk by this wine store but this was the first time I really noticed the light fixtures and how they look like the end of hangers as though a giant stuck them through the wall. I just enjoyed the shape of them and managed to find a good spot where I could catch them in a line.


September 29 2013 Push the Water

Strap-2 Strap

Today was probably one of the last days I would have been able to go kayaking and so I did and it was beautiful. It was so very warm out but you could just see that the leaves are just starting to change and the water is still surprisingly warm. I landed on Micou island just to take a little walk around but saw how interesting the network of deck lines on the kayak actually were, so I tried to capture it. Then later I came across this little spotted sandpiper flying around and couldn’t resist posting it too! In case you are wondering why the bird is not spotted it is because the breeding season is over and it no longer has its breeding plumage.

September 28 2013 Lazy September Day


I went out today to enjoy the sun of possibly one of the last really nice days before autumn really takes hold. It was a beautiful and surprisingly hot, I was considering going for a swim in the lake here because it was so warm. I spent a great deal of the day just hanging out in my hammock reading. I did take a walk around the lake as well and managed to capture this, I did not realize how awesome it was until I got home. It was one of those pictures where I saw the dragonfly flying past and just grabbed my camera, held down the button and hoped I had been somewhat sensible at choosing the settings from the previous picture. I was not disappointed, there is just something so very fantastic about how dragonflies fly.

September 27 2013 Climbing the Ladder along the Ground


They are doing some work around my building and as a result there is a trash heap and some ladders hanging around the place. I got home and took some pictures of the trash heap as they are always interesting if you look at them hard enough. I did take some pictures of the ladder and I am still trying to figure out why but I really liked this picture.

Sept 26 2013 Libraries are Always Bigger on the Inside than the Outside


I was walking around in this wonderful old bookstore in Halifax and came across this fantastic mirror apparently designed to catch shoplifters apparently.. but as I looked at it I half expected to hear “Ook” and the rattle of chains coming from the ceiling…Makes me wonder if this is what L-space might look like… If you don’t get this reference look up the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett, they are fantastic fun!

Sept 25 2013 Pushed by the Wind


Generally I try not to go out taking pictures at night when it is windy because it is quite hard to keep the wind from shaking the Camera. Tonight I was bored and really didn’t care that it was windy and nasty out, and the results turned out just fine in my book. 🙂

Sept 24 2013 We Need to Dust my Keyboard


Today I did not get much chance to look around with my camera, I spent most of the day and evening working, typing away at my keyboard. Since yesterday I was trying to get a picture of the interesting shapes of the roof today I decided to try again on my keyboard. However, what it really showed me was that I need to do some dusting…