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Nov 29 2015-A Closer Look

On Nov 29th I went back to an old favorite place called the Cold Creek Conservation area and managed to arrive before the morning frost had gone. These are a few of the pictures I captured.


September 30 2014 The Bugs We Find

Cottage-25Cottage-15 Cottage-16 .Fall-5 Fall-6 Fall-8 Fall-10 Fall-12


I absolutely love bugs, as summer turns to fall one of the things that makes me sad is that soon, the familiar buzz in the grass and in the trees is going to disappear for the winter. It seem I am almost the only one who feels this way, everyone else is glad to see them go.  When I go on hikes I always enjoy just hearing and feeling the life around me and so here are few pictures of some of the insects I came across this summer.

December 25 2013 Ice Scupltures for Christmas

Macro Macro-5 Macro-3

As many of you may know, there was a major ice storm in Toronto just before Christmas, so when I arrived back in Toronto there was still ice on everything.. These are some of my favorite pictures I was able to capture when I finally arrived home on Christmas day.

December 22 2013 Drying out to No Avail


This picture has an odd story attached to it.. So it seems I am still rather restless when I sleep, and when I was sleeping the first night we arrived at Mt St Anne I had a glass of water next to my bed, but also my phone charging too.. At some point in the night I knocked the glass of water over and soaked my phone, it sat in the pool of water for the entire rest of the night. I managed to get a cup of rice from the restaurant downstairs but sadly it seems as though the phone is not salvageable, the internal components are dried out but it just seems like the charging port was just so very messed up.

December 17 2013 Watching the Weather


The weather in Halifax has been pretty terrible the last few days, my Dad arrived to drive back to Ontario with me but we didn’t want to start our journey in what awaited us today. So we spend quite a bit of time looking out the window and to the weather reports to see when we could head out. Also I feel I should apologize the reason these posts are so late is that basically the computer in which I stored and edited my photos was packed up by this point and was only just unpacked after Christmas.

December 10 2013 Husk of a Flower


Despite that most of the plants have died or gone dormant for the winter, you can still see their remnants around, this sort of husk of a plant is a good example. There may be no leaves, no petals or no flower but it is still a beautiful thing, still makes walks out on the cold days of winter so very worthwhile to me.

December 4 2013 Glass Mushroom


I agree this picture is rather odd. I didn’t really know what to take a picture of and I realized I have never really tried to take a picture of a dripping tap. I have always thought of it as something everyone who starts getting into photography does but I have not done it. That in itself is rather silly because it is a lot of fun to try. This was the result of my endeavors and to me it looks like a glass mushroom.. and yes I took the picture upside down but liked it better this way, somehow it did not look as interesting flipped around.