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Jan 10 2016 Crazy Cloud Forest

I started my Journey through Costa Rica with heading up into the cloud forest town of Monteverde. I was on a G Adventures trip where our guide actually grew up there and took us to this fantastic strangler fig that you could climb nearly all the way to the top inside the tree. I couldn’t get over just how cool it all looked.


Jan 15 2016 Fun Shapes

Now the date for these pictures is not really accurate as all of these were taken at different times on the trip but for all of them I enjoyed how innocuous they seemed. But just ended up looking so much more interesting after I took the picture.

July 2014 Birthday Gift

Dedo tape-4Dedo tape-5

My own birthday’s have for so long been uneventful occasions, I have rarely done anything special or expected any kind of gift from anyone. I find I don’t really care to get new stuff, my apartment is rather sparsely furnished with mostly second hand things and more often I just don’t want to accumulate anything else. There are however some exceptions, the things that I feel enrich my life by using them. As you might have guessed my camera is one but my skis and my golf clubs also qualify. Today, however I received another one in the mail.. it was my grandfather’s surveyors  measuring tape.. as I was playing with it and taking the above pictures I realized this simple little thing is going to come with me wherever I go.

December 26 2013 Nope Nothing…


Not going to lie after such a long drive home and all the things I have to deal with in the last month today I did not want to do anything. On that thought this was a picture out the window of my bedroom during sunset.. the Ice still not forgotten yet..

December 23 2013 Weighted Response


Today was the day we finally left Mt St Anne, the weather was finally good enough for us to head out and so we went off to see my sister in Ottawa. Which held a very special surprise of its own, which you should see tomorrow, but for now I just enjoyed the shape of the dumbbell on the carpet.

December 22 2013 Drying out to No Avail


This picture has an odd story attached to it.. So it seems I am still rather restless when I sleep, and when I was sleeping the first night we arrived at Mt St Anne I had a glass of water next to my bed, but also my phone charging too.. At some point in the night I knocked the glass of water over and soaked my phone, it sat in the pool of water for the entire rest of the night. I managed to get a cup of rice from the restaurant downstairs but sadly it seems as though the phone is not salvageable, the internal components are dried out but it just seems like the charging port was just so very messed up.

December 21 2013 Icy Run


Today was the perfect day to bring my camera up to the top of Mt St Anne, it was the only day where the clouds parted and it stopped snowing for any amount of time. As I was cruising down a run I came across this little formation and just thought it was too cool not to take a picture of.